Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Representation - American Beauty /James Bond - Die another day

American beauty -
American beauty shows how the male gaze is put in to place and how it is used.  It begins as the male father catches eyes on the young girl and a spotlight begins to shine on her in his mind which separates her from all the other girls and makes her unique and different. A slow zoom then begins on his face focusing on his eyes and the reactions he has and and there are reverse shots to her with another slow zoom which suggests that it is just them two focusing on each other. As the the camera begins to zoom in the diegetic music begins to change to non diegetic and slows down this is to create a tension between the man and girl. This also begins to create a fantasy mode for him as none of this is really happening he is just wishful thinking and is all happening in his own mind. You then begin to get an extreme close up of the males eyes which shows he is mesmerised by this girl and her actions and his mouth is slightly open which can show he is gob smacked and near enough drooling over this girl. The camera then follows the girls body and zooms in of fragmentations of her body to make it a lot more sexualised and suggests she is a sex object, they use a tilt camera to follow the figure of her body which makes the girl a lot more sexualised. The camera is being male as it is only looking from a males point of view and sexualising the women. When the slow motion begins as it is zoomed in on the girl a bell is being played in the background which suggests that she is only young as it can signify school bells also it can signify as a fire bell which suggests they must leave the building immediately.
The audience is from the males point of view as the women is being sexualised and it is showing you they way he thinks and how it is shown it also uses the camera as a male as it shows from a males point of you and how they sexalise women. The male are in the active audience as they are being shown there point of view and the women are the passive audience because they are not showing there point of view.
The girls are represented as a stereotypical cheerleading american for example short skirts, badges and hair tied up. However the daughter is a stereotypical moody teenager as she is always angry at her parents and not wanting to no about her life and whats going on in it. The man which is admiring the young women is around middle aged which could show that he is having a mid life crisis and looking at a lot younger girls at his age. However his wife signifies as stereotypical wife as she is just looking out for her child and happy to be around her by clapping and being happy and not realising that anything is wrong.

James Bond - Die another day -
This differs a lot from the first analysis as this is showing the representation of men. As the clip begins James Bond is looking through the binoculars as the women who is in the sea. It shows a tracking shot as it scans the landscape looking for the women. When he focuses in on the women it begins to have a close up of the women in her bikini and uses a tilting shot and begins to use slow motion as she walks up to the beach which causes tensions and sexualises her and it focuses in on her body. However as she reaches James she becomes a lot more controlling. They use a lot of close ups of both of their faces which then show sit from the women's point of view as she is just focusing upon his face and nothing else. He then begins to talk about how he is different to all other men pointing towards the people over to other side with women sat on there laps to try and win her over. They also use a close up of the mans cigar which can show that he is a lot more masculine then other men as it is very strong to smoke and not very many people do. Also because not many people do smoke this it can show that he is unique and different compared to others. In this text the roles reverse as the women becomes a lot more active as she is taking control and plays more of apart as she begins to flirt with him however he becomes a lot more passive as he does not play a bigger part in this. They also use zoom o get close up of different fragments of her body to make it more sexualised.
The audience is from both the men and women's point of view as i begins the male is checking the women out and following her figure and body however as the women becomes more involved in the clip she becomes the point of view as she become more controlling and looks at him more.
The women is represented as a very stereotypical women as she wars a tight skimpy bikini to show of her body and figure and also is soaking wet as she begins to walk up towards the beach. the man is also very stereotypical as he is looking at the women through binoculars which focuses in on her body and shows that it can be very perverted. However he tries to show hat he is different from others as he points to others who treat girl like sex objects which is a stereotypical view point of men.

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