Thursday, 19 September 2013


Film trailer - The place beyond the pines

The representation of men in this trailer is very strong and powerful they are represented in this way by showing that they have tattoos and muscular bodes. They also have very strong voice which shows they are very over powering. Although they show the men being very powerful they also are shown to be mischievous and adventurous by taking part in motor biking and smoking and causing problems and disasters. Also at the beginning the men are sexualised as he lifts his shirt of and takes it off this makes him out to be a sex object. it differs a lot when it comes to the women as they are manipulated and made out that they do not how any power over them. This is shown by the men pushing women to one side and ignoring them, they also make out that they are moaning a lot and just getting in the way of what they are wanting to do.The non diegetic sound which is played over the top of the trailer is off a man being very stern and strong which gives the opinion that the men are ruling this. When the men are on the film a lot of high key lighting is used which suggests it is a lot more up beat and powerful.

This is a very stereotypical viewpoint of men and women as it is shown in many films that men always over power women and it is right for them to do so the men are also very controlling over the women and feel that they are able to over power them and make them do what they want however the women do just abide by the men. Also when the men go in to the bank to go and rob the place there is only a women in there which suggests that the women aren't strong enough or controlling enough to put a stop to it. When a man is speaking t a women they use a high angle shot to show that the men are over looking the women and making them out to be insignificant. The women in this trailer are always having to be empathised with as they are always crying or upset so the men are having to look over the women and comfort them to give them support. The lighting when the women are on screen generally are low key lighting which suggests that they are very upset and degraded.

TV programme - CSI

In many CSI programmes they all set the scene in a very stereotypical way for example they begin with enigma codes which means lots of questions are being asked as you are wondering what is going on and who has been killed and what the situation is this will all then be revealed at the end of the programme, this encourages the audience to carry on watching as it leaves unanswered questions. They also provide a lot of flash backs which provides you with information about what has happened in the past and builds up a lot of tension. Also todorov is used as they police are going about there normal lives until thy discover something that has happened in this case finding lots of different bodies which then creates a non equilibrium as they are now not going about there normal lives and having to discover what has happened and why, it will all then be restored when these questions have been answered.
The representation of women in this programme differs as all of the bodies which are being dug up are all women which suggests that they are a lot more vulnerable. However the women police are more dominant and seem to no more then the men do about this situation and are controlling the men on what to do, however the men do try to become more controlling they do not succeed. This programme is very patriotic as it is american which suggest that it is to love, support and protect ones country and its people. This is shown as the police are very protective about there own country and there role as a job is to protect citizens and discover and unanswered questions. in this programme they are presenting dominant ideology, this is because women are equal to men as the women behaviour in a way that they no just as much as the men do and they are able to control the men and show them that understand what is going on.

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