Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Explore the different ways your chosen texts target their audience?

All of the different audiences interact in different ways to my chosen texts as their are preferred, negotiated and oppositional viewings of my texts and it must appeal to the correct audience.

Lost is a very mainstream text as it is open to a wide range of audiences this makes it more accessible by being on ABC which is an American network channel which is similar to the BBC in the UK it is open to all viewers and doesn't narrow their audience down. Lost is aimed at a very passive audience as it gives you indications on what to feel and when to expect things to happen. In the scene where the polar bear attacks they have a high use of score this is giving the audience a narrative and creates enigma codes by how it builds tension and excitement. The score in lost expresses how the audience should be feeling.
In this scene they say 'Its coming towards us' this creates enigma codes by the audience questioning what it is. The enigma codes help the audience to decode the text. It is able to target their audience by keeping them interested and intrigued. Also with the scene where the little boy finds the hand cuffs the question where they have come from. The characters in Lost ask and answer questions that the audience will be thinking which makes it very passive as you do not have to do much work. However as you watch the episode it answers the questions by telling you that the hand cuffs belong to Kate, you do not have to put much thought in to this.
However an active audience could also watch this programme but may find it a lot more difficult because you do not have to put much thought in to what is going on. They will begin to think of theories to why things are happening and question it. They will also get involved in websites such as Lostpedia which talks about Lost and they write reviews and summary's with what is going on in each episode. Also their are things that are not correct with what is going on for example a women who is pregnant on the plane which will make an active audience question this.
In the scene where the plane has just crashed Shannon is lying on the beach in her bikini she is not traumatised by what is going on she is a skinny blonde girl, this instantly creates a stereotypical representation of her which people might be able to relate to. Throughout the episode everyone falls in to their own stereotypical roles. Another example of this would be when Shannon asks to join the group to go on the hike, Kate automatically looks towards the men for their confirmation this shows that the men have authority which shows more stereotypical views. With people being able to relate to these stereotypical roles it takes uses and gratifications as you can relate and find enjoyment through this.
It is also able to open to wider ranges of audience as it includes different cultures such as Korean and American.
Mad men is aired on AMC which is an American subscription channel which targets a more niche audience. A oppositional audience would be aged between 16 - 25 as it lacks in entertainment in uses and gratifications which means they can not personally relate with this programme. Also with this demographic range they are not commonly an active audience and this programme is aimed directly at active audiences. People at this age range are used to passive programmes which use fast editing and simple narratives for example TOWIE and Made in Chelsea this is because they are able to personally identify and aspire to these ideals. It does not appeal to them because of how it is encoded. For example in the scene when Don goes to see Joan about her sleeping with Herb it shows sexual content in the work place from the 1960s this only provides them with sexual content from the 1960s they do not find gratifications from this.
Mad men is aimed at a more active audience and targets middle class men demographic. It has a very high brow nature of the show and lends itself to a middle class audience which is often reviewed by the 'Guardian'. It is aimed at a more active audience as a lot of thought has to go in to it as their is no use of non- diegetic sound until about 28 minutes in, so there is no sound to indicate sympathy or tension. This makes it a lot more difficult for a passive audience as they will struggle to understand what is going on and wont put much thought in to it either.
Mad men also educate their audience from around the 1960s by ensuring their story line reflects typical storylines from this era and the props and background setting all links closely with the correct setting this creates the mise en scene with the old fashioned fridge and clocks and their clothing that the characters are wearing.

Peaky Blinders is able to target their audience through self education as it is set in 1991 just after ww1 it will bring more of an audience who are interested in this era and provides them with historical and social information of the time it is set. Tommy also quotes 'War shy gypsy bastard' this gives historical connects and teaches the audience about post - war attitudes. It is also evident in the narrative when Tommy Shelby says 'Why would I shake the hand of a man who didn't fight for his county?' To the police which makes out that it is shameful not to fight. Also the programme is set in Birmingham which will make it appeal to an audience who are associated with this setting as they are interested in this.
It is target to a wide mainstream audience and it is influenced by it being aired on BBC which is accessible to all audiences and has many viewers already. It also has a high use of film starts which you may have seen these actors in other films which may make you intrigued to see this programme. Also in the opening scene it zooms straight in to the film stars faces which may make people associate with this programme and can relate with them. The different film stars are Cilian Murphy, Helen Mcroy and Sam Niel.
It also has a high use of cinematography which allows an active audience to decode the text. The fight scene at the beginning of the narrative uses a combination of slow motion, reversed music and shallow depth of field. Only an active audience would be gratified and appreciated this. With these uses of editing it can make it seem a lot more like a film and make it have high gratification value to make it more entertaining.
Overall each programme is very successful at targeting their audience.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Explore the genre conventions in your 3 main texts?

Al of my 3 main texts show typical conventions and all define what genre they are showing however some are more hybrid then others.
Sin City is one text that I have studied, it is a hybrid text as it has connotations of film noir, comic book and some horror genres.
In the scene where Hartigan is going to save Nancy and he is in the car driving it uses low key lighting and has a voice over which is portraying his thoughts also he is in a very old fashioned 1950s car, these are very typical conventions of the film noir. When Hartigan gets out of the car and meets Bob it shows he is wearing a trench coat which helps build the mise en scene, also it uses the theory prop as it shows comic book conventions of how his coat floats in the wind as if he has a cape and is a super hero, this shows that he is a hero. However also the trench coat shows typical connotations of film noir.
Some conventions of the 'cold war' paranoia is through hartigan when Bob shoots him in the back, this shows corruption and mistrust this shows hartigan is a cynical protagonist this shows typical conventions of film noir. These are also represented in the classic films 'Double indemnity' and 'The Maltese Falcon' both of these films show original noir connotations through the use of venetian blinds, low key lighting, femme fatale and their quick talk which is more like mumbling.
Femme Fatale is also another typical film noir connotation their are many different character which fit this role such a Wendy/Goldie, shelly and Gail. However the one who fits this role perfectly is Nancy who is an exotic dancer she lingers in the background in every chapter her seductive lasso tying sin city in knots. For example the scene when Hartigan finally gets out of prison and is looking for Nancy her hair is blowing in the wind which makes it very erotic and like he is living in a fantasy, she is also swinging a lasso around which makes her seem very seductive.The camera follows her body as if it is tracing it to get a males perspective of her. She looks at Hartigan with lust and power.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

How typical are your 3 main texts of their genre?

All of my 3 main texts show typical conventions of their genres and all define what genre they are showing however some have more genres then others.
Sin City is one text which I studied, it is a hybrid text as it has connotations from film noir, comic book and some horror genres. It is also a poster modern text which uses typical genre conventions. It contains a cynical protagonist who is Hartigan and Marv these are shown through different conventions which are rain soaked streets, low key lighting and a voice over narrative. A very typical cynical protagonist convention is shown through Marv 'Hell is waking up every goddam day and not knowing why your here' in a voice over which shows he despises himself. This also shows typical noir genre connotations with the character portrayal and the thoughts that are conveyed. This all stems from paranoia which in all noir films from 1940s is shown in the view of society in the wake of world was II of the possibility of a 'new cold war'.
Some conventions of the 'cold war' paranoia is Hartigan and how he was shot in the back by his 'buddy' bob, this shows corruption and anxiety which is present in classic films such as 'Double Indemnity' and 'Maletese Falcon'. Also Hartigans heroic actions and desire to save nancy the corrupt senators son shows that he wants to stop evil.
The mise en scene used though out sin city relates directly to its genre with Hartigans trench coat which is typical of film noir and comic book conventions of a 'caped - super hero' making the film hybrid.
Also propps theory is involved with the cape as it represents super hero as it is constantly blowing in the wind. However when marv goes to kill or hurt anyone he removes his trench coat showing he is carrying out good deed, his character is a lot more complex, more of an anti - hero which is another typical noir convention.
All noir films contain 'femme-fatales' and sin city contains many. Each male character has contact with one girl which is said to resemble this character. Hartigan with nancy, Marv with wendy, Dwight with shelly and Gail.
Wendy and Shelly are typical femme fatale. Nancy is an innocent young girl displaying how the genre can be made differently for a post modern audience.

District 9 is another hybrid genre which has conventions from sci-fi and documentary. The different sci-fi conventions used are advanced technology, aliens, robots and spaceships. All of these events are known as real. The use of 'faux' stock footage of news reports and interviews with experts and civilians make it seem more realistic. Also with the use of hand held camera reinforces this with its typical cinematic techniques of a documentary.
In the opening scenes we see interviews with various 'experts' witnesses giving us clear exposition to the events which have led up to the alien landings. This is important in developing a realistic documentary approach to the narrative, this is something which may seem new to typical sci-fi conventions of other films such as 'The fly' and 'Invasion of the body snatchers'.
Interation between wikus and the camera man shows that he is unable to remove his microphone and is playful in mixing realistic and fictional elements of the film. This is something not typical of the sci-fi genre but shows how genres repeat conventions and make them different by mixing styles.

However Fish Tank is not a hybrid text it is just a social realist genre. It has kitchen sink styles which relates to well establish generic techniques and themes. It revolves around social topics like family dysfunction and under age sex. It also uses hand held camera which is viewed as gritty and realistic in terms of its representation of British social life.
The mise en scene created is shown in the opening scene of a working class council estate this is very typical of it genre. This indicates its a social realist genre through mia shouting 'Tell your old man I think hes a c*nt' this shows its a working class upbringing.
It also uses long takes, hand held cameras and diegetic sounds of urban background of walking through the estate which is seen as stylistic conventions of the social realist genre. She is also walking very fast throughout the film which shows someone who is going nowhere fast.
This relates to 'Saturday night and Sunday morning' and 'A taste of honey' as it shows similar social issues and similar techniques. However they use more non - diegetic sound to support action and emotional context to appeal to a more mainstream audience. It shows how genre develops over time as all genres do. But 'Fish Tank' it pushed the genre to new depths by trying more realistic representations of social situations.
The narrative issue of 15 year old Mias desire for a sexual relationship with Connor, her mother boyfriend, can be seen as a controversial topic in todays society to spark debate. A regular consequence of generic conventions of social realism.
In conclusion all 3 texts are typical of their genre, using many classic conventions of their genre. In some cases these might be mixed genres to develop a wider audience and create different modern audiences.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

How global is the appeal of your 3 main texts?

My 3 main texts I am analysing are Nirvana - 'Nevermind', Radiohead 'The king of limbs' and Lady Gaga 'Born this way'.
Lady Gaga has a high promotion value due to the use of global advertising. She is part of a huge record Label called Interscope records, as they are so big they are able to promote Lady Gaga and get her to Number 1 just through advertisement. Born this way debuted in top 5 spots of every major Billboard 200. She sold over a million copies of 'Born this way' in the first week of sales and 440,000 copies on amazon in the first 2 days just at 99 cents.
Lady Gaga's music is very mainstream which means it will played a lot on radios and on tv programmes as she is very well known and a lot of people like this sort of music. Her type of genre is synth pop, which is a sort of dance pop genre which has high influences of pop music from the 1980s such as Madonna and David Bowie with the costumes, this influences more ranges of audiences who share a love for these artists because they are able to relate.
Gaga's approach is very modern to try and appeal to a more mainstream audience. With her music video it is very cinematic as she uses lots of extra effects and editing to get a more modern effect. At the beginning of her 'Born this way' video it is introduced as a story of her giving birth to evil and good. She has a very high production value compared to my other 2 texts  which makes it more appealing and interesting to watch. She also always makes references to her fans 'Put your paws up' this keeps the fans attention and keep them wanting more. Lady Gaga is famous through the internet world she uses this to her highest advantage and at 1 point did have the most followers on twitter. she has around 18,000,000 follower on twitter  and 46,000,000 followers on Facebook, this indicates how successful lady gag is through the internet world and globally. Lady Gaga makes 1/3 of her cash through social media which is such a vast amount for just publicising herself and earns around $30 million just through her twitter account alone.
To help promote her music her record label Interscope records get her involved in many different advertisement campaigns which could just be Tv programmes or tours but all promote her and her music. She was part of a promotional tour  and live performances of 'Born this way' and its accompanying singles in Europe, Asia, and North America. She performed 'Born this way' on her monster ball tour 6 days after her accompanying single began on Feburary 13th 2011 at 53rd grammy awards in Los Angeles.
Ladg Gaga is able to have a high global appeal through the use of internet as it is very widely used and are able to get information across and release little clips of her music to help entice the audience and create suspense for when a new album is going to be released. She also involves a lot of sexual objectification in her music videos such as dancing in her under ware and touching her body, this is used as uses and gratifications for the audiences pleasure. Lady Gaga is very well known for her strange behaviour and costumes this is also used in the high production, this creates social integration as people begin to talk and introduce friends as they talk about her performances. It is a lot easier now then it used to be to promote your work as it can go viral in seconds if you put the right things across. Also with her being part of Interscope Records they have great knowledge of how to promote music and make it big with just the use of advertisements. Also because Lady Gaga is part of pop music it has abider appeal as it has a hybrid audience.
However Nirvana had to take a very different approach, this was because they first became known in 1989 and they were part of an independent record label called sub pop they did not have internet then which made it very difficult to promote and advertise their music, they also weren't too bothered about becoming famous so didn't put much effort in to their work. Their first album was called 'Bleach' and gained some very good critical reviews however failed to chart in America. By 1991 Geffen then signed Nirvana who are a bigger record label they then released 'Nevermind' which was a change to the popular sound and was less rebellious. It was first released by DCG records in 1999 with an optimistic expectation of 250000 copies but now sell 30 million copies worldwide.
It took Nirvana 5 months of touring until they reached the charts. 'Never mind' became Nirvanas first no.1 album in January 11th 1992 replacing Michael Jackson from the top spot.
They eventually after years became global as they did not have the use of internet and had to use Mtv, top of the pops, magazines, word of mouth and reviews. However at the beginning they couldn't be bothered with being signed to a contract they didn't want to be promoting their music they just wanted to sing and play thats all they enjoyed. This influenced them to rebel against all of the advertisement, for example they weren't allowed to sing live on top of the pops so they mimed stupidly, although this made them seem silly it also got them noticed as they rebelled against everything and caused social integration. They also performed on the Jonathon Ross show and sang they wrong sing which also got them noticed.
Although they were very rebellious and known as the Grunge genre which was amid of metal, punk and pop a lot of people still like them and many girls did swell which was very shocking. Although it took them a lot longer to become global as they didn't have the use of technology they they eventually became global and are still selling copies now of their music. They were still selling music after Curt Cobain killed himself they were still releasing this music whilst he was dead. This also means it is open to a wide range of audiences which is hybrid. This makes it more accessible to different audiences and more people enjoy this genre.
In stark contrast Radioheads 'King of Limbs' album was released in 2011. Although they evolved their music in the era where technology took off they chose to limit their choices of using the internet and used other methods.They released this album in February 2011 and promoted it only through the bands website which would grasp their true fans attention as they would be constantly checking for release dates. In march they then released the physical copies in CD and vinyl and sold between 300,000 - 400,000 copies. In only the first week of sales the sold 69,000 copies this proves how some bands don't need the internet the promote their music they have loyal fans.
In 2007 they decided to use a very controversial advertisement. They were tied down to a contract with EMI for a 6 album contract and when it was their 7th album they decided to be independent and not be tied down. The released their album 'In the rainbow' in 2007 at download only and they set it so that you could pay what you wanted. This got them a lot of press although some was negative it all helped towards their advertisement and as they realised it was so successful they then went of to release another album with their own set price which was also very successful.
Artists find it very difficult when releasing music in this day and age as their is so much illegal downloading going on you can't control it and it means the artists are losing out on vast amounts of money. Although Radiohead then went on to release another album called 'Lotis Flower' it was a self released album and was a very low budget mdci video but also very successful its reflected their style and attitude through the music video and appeals to a niche audience.  Radiohead made it their mission to own all physical releases as it would get them a lot more money through doing this.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


For my production piece I created three perfume advertisements to represent how women are objectified and glamourised, drawing influence from my research project on perfume advertisement for Gucci and Tom Ford. From research I found that women are viewed for sexual gratification when the advertisement is for men. Investigating the different ways that women and men are glamourised in the industry I noted all relevant conventions, themes and styles. Examples of this are women shown to be in ball gowns to make them seem glamorous and specific colours are used such as gold to show wealth and money. Women like to feel independent and that they have their own authority so the advertisements create mystery and make them very bold by having them stand out by making the women brighter than the background on photo shop.

The mise en scene on each for each of my posters needed a preferred reading of 'glamour' and 'sex. For my first piece I entitled 'Gucci Passion for women'. I decided to show how lusting over women gratifies men and show how women have the authority. This is a very bold image and with the use of iconography it will immediately make the viewer look even if they do not appreciate this genre. I feel this was a successful decision to help engage the viewer and make them focus their eye on the advertisement. The iconography is strong as the women is wearing a red dress which is very bold and gives connotations of power and romance and the man is in the suit which is used to attract the women’s attention as many women find men sexy. A female audience will aspire to this primarily as the passive male audience appreciates the image. I did this to help highlight Laura Mulveys theory of the male gaze that in media, film and advertising it is the eye of the male. I used this theory in my research project I found that to engage my female target audience, I also have to target the male audience as the camera has been taken from a male perspective as you can see the women are being sexually objectified.

On my second poster of perfume advertisement I entitled it "Gucci Passion - For men' which was layered on top of the image eith text. The mise en scene was very important as this linked to my first poster as it showed very sophisticated men and women I needed to accurately make it appeal to men. I used different connotations to help with this by having a man in a suit, which shows that he has authority, and looking in to the camera, which creates a connotation of passion and strength. This could show ideology, as it is very stereotypical of upper class men to dress smart with a well-paid job. This could also highlight mulveys theory as they are making men out to be in control and women should lust over them. When taking this image I ensured to have him very central and looking directly at the camera to show authority. After I edited to the image so that he would stand out from the image better to make him more bold and created a vignette around the edge to add extra effect. I feel that this image was good however would have been useful to take it in different surroundings and backgrounds such as in a French style house or cottage.

On my third piece I used a completely different approach with using one female to help show how women are the preferred audience and are advertised to promote glamour. I chose to have a darker background with her in a glamorous outfit to show that in women’s advertisement it isn't always sexualised women want to aspire to be glamorous and innocent. The audience this would attract is a higher age audience of 20+, as they want to have more maturity. All of the models in my posters are young, attractive white male and females, and the text is very bold, I feel that people with an ethnic background or an older audience may have an oppositional reading due to the narrative representations. This is because they have religious beliefs about exploiting the body.

Another downfall for my production would be that the people i used in my production are not models and they are all 17 demographic range, which may make them seem a little unrealistic or not as professional. Therefore trying to portray a objectified women was very difficult as they were only young. However you could argue that with the young women modeling and being seductive in the media today could highlight the brutal reality of societies today. However I did feel that some of my strengths did show with my quality of the image they did look very professional and were focused very well also with my ability to use spot healing tool and adding different levels to the image to help enhance the original image it did help to make it a successful poster. This was common to my final piece to help heighten the theme of 'glamour' and to help appeal to the audiences as they aspired to look like the models.

I feel that when beginning my production my original idea of to using a model in the image would very difficult and I would not be able to reach the main target audience as effectively to make it more believable and often poster sets are used to suit the occasion. I feel I would be able to use these advertisements on many others posters such as billboard as the quality of the images are very clean meaning there would be no pixilating.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Television Industry - Audience homework

Section 1

1A) Identify the main targeted audience of Mad men?

The main targeted audience is a niche audience as it is shown on  Sky Atlanta and is marketed by AMC.                                              

1B) Identify in one way the text has been encoded to appeal to that type of audience?

It also appeals to a niche audience because of its use with diegetic sound. Diegetic sound appeals to a niche audience because they prefer to be challenged on what they should think and prefer not to be told how they should be reacting. It also gives them then chance to use their imagination to work out what is going on.

1C) Justify how that point/ technique/ convention would gratify your previously identified type of audience?

With the niche audience they prefer to view programmes which give them more of a challenge , which means mad men appeals to them as they are constantly being given enigma codes which they are having to work out for them selves. Personally I prefer a programme which contains non - diegetic sound as it tells you who you should feel and react, however the older generation mostly prefer diegetic sound so that they are challenged more, it is aimed at a very mainstream audience.

Section 2

2) Does Lost target a passive audience?

Yes I would say that Lost does target a passive audience, they use a lot of stereo types within this such as a blonde bimbo and a nerd and they all portray these stereotypes showing that they follow these characteristics. This makes the audience have assumptions of the character which are already true. Also a lot of techniques are used for example non - diegetic sound is produced to help build tension or to show what emotions you should be feeling, you are not making the meaning out yourself the media is telling you how to feel and think you are just sitting and watching it.

3) Identify how Lost is encoded to gratify a passive audience?

Lost is encoded to a passive audience by the use of non - diegetic sound. This appeals to a passive audience as they are being told what emotions they must feel and are given clues for what is going to happen next and how you should react to this. For example if something bad is going to happen they begin to build a crescendo to make you feel tense and nervous, all of your questions will be answered through the programme.

4) Justify one point/ technique/ convention that would force Mad Men's audience to decode the text actively in order to gain gratifications?

A technique which is used for a active audience of mad men for them to decode to gain gratifications would be enigma codes throughout they are asking questions. They find enjoyment through this as they think of it as more of a challenge rather than being told how what has happened they would have decide for themselves.

5) Explain and justify how Peaky Blinders has been encoded to gratify both passive and active audiences?

Peaky Blinders was able to gratify both passive and active audiences by have a very easy to follow narrative. It is able to target a active audience through its use of ensemble cast and cinematography they use well known actors to attract this audience. They are also able to capture a passive audience with the use of non - diegetic sound as this helps to instigate when something is going to happen and tells you what emotions you should be feeling. An example of the use of non diegetic sound is when Tommy has to shoot his own horse when he begins to walk away music is played to show that it was a upsetting scene and you should feel sad.

6) Justify the statement "Lost is encoded to be inclusive"?

Lost is produced so that it can have a wide range of audiences this is so that they are able to use social integration and have a wider range of audience. They are able to do this by including lots of different characters within the story with many different stereotypes and different personalities, this makes the audience all be able to relate to each one of these characters. For example the Chinese woman has to follow by her husbands orders of her religious views although she may feel he is being over protective and wants to rebel against him. This allows different people in the audience be able to relate to the characters in Lost and make it more interesting for the audience.

7) Why does the use of a score appeal to a more passive audience?

The use of score appeals to passive audiences as film producers are adding effects on to the film which create different sounds in the background. An example of this would be Lost because this is for more of a passive audience as people who are passive prefer to be told what is happening and how to feel and this is what the added effects does. By adding different sound effects to films you are able to understand that something bad is about to happen as the music begin to build to a crescendo which builds tension and makes you feel nervous. Also different sounds can indicate that you should be feeling happy or sad. Also if you didn't understand that someone for example fell over it would show that they did by the added sound effects of the bang. This appeals more to a passive audience as they are being told what is going on and how to feel.
An example of this would be the scene where the polar bear is chasing them, the music begins to build which creates tension within the scene and makes you feel nervous and tense.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Discuss the audience appeals for your 3 main texts?

Peaky Blinders
Peaky Blinders is able to attract a wide range of audiences. When peaky blinders was aired it was aired on BBC 2. There main aim was to target arts, drama and comedy. This opens it up to a wider range of audience every individual enjoys different ranges of genre however this has such a huge range of genres it can be suitable for a lot of people. Also it was set in Birmingham which is very close to home for some people, this can influence people from in and around that area to watch this program as people might be intrigued what it was really like in Birmingham during the first world was and intrigue more people. I feel because of where it is set it opens it up to a wider range of audience as people who were not around in that era will be intrigued for example the younger generation.
This TV program is specifically a crime drama genre which means it can also apply to people who enjoy these different genres as it is what they enjoy to watch. It is also known as a 'high brow' text because it is intellectually and culturally rich, this makes it more accessible for people who have higher knowledge then others and find it more interesting learning about specific events from what have happened from the past. However it does also contain various mainstream conventions which yet again opens the audience even wider to more of the targeted audience.
Peaky Blinders was complimented for its high production value and cinematography. A gratification of an active audience. Although it is set in in 1919 it does have a modern twist from the technology from this era from the added non diegetic sounds and the effects for example slow motion which it uses. Although it does have a twist of both modern and old quality's it makes it more accessible to wider ranges of audience for example the modern effects will attract younger audiences. This TV program is post modern meaning it is a hybrid text as it uses mixed genres which opens the program up to more viewers. Also this program had some very well known celebrity's for example Cillian Murphy and Helen McCrory, by having well known celebrity's being apart of this program it influences the audience to watch it as they may like the stars but also they may feel as though they can relate to them because they have seen them in other programs or films which makes them want to watch this program.
Specifically the scene where Aunt Polly discovers Adas pregnant you can see that Ada is very vulnerable and naive as she did not realize that she was pregnant it does not go on to believe that she is, also her Aunt does not believe her boyfriend will come home and feels she is just a silly girl.You can see through facial expressions that Ada is very scared however Aunt Polly is the matriarch who is powerful this may draw in the audiences attention as they feel may feel they can relate to either one of these characters and are overwhelmed with Aunt Polly's power and strength for how she stands up to other men, she could be a role model for a lot of the audience.
Although the program uses encoding is constructed by producers through the effects of the cameras and how they use slow motion and non diegetic sounds this creates a wider rang of audiences it also uses decoding as the audience are able to interpret the texts in their own ways which makes it more open and for people to have their imagination involved within the program.

Mad men
The representation of mad men in my chosen scene from the Jaguar Pitch is from the 1960s you are able to determine this by the way women are treated and the behavior of the men, for example the men have more authority and the women are undermined and dress very sexual for example low cut and fitted dresses. Also the mise en scene creates a setting from the 1960s with the use of type writers which you can hear through the diegetic sound in the background and the intake of alcohol in work settings and smoking at work. A scene i am particularly referring to is when the man throws money in to peggys face this makes her out to be a prostitute who sells her body for money, which manipulates her and breaks her confidence as he is controlling her, also when he walks in to the office he is drinking alcohol which would be obscene in this day and age. This would appeal to a range of audiences such as people who lived in the 1960s as they feel they can relate to them and have an understanding of what is going on, also it may appeal to people who did not live in the 1960s as it may interest them on the behavior of people from the 60s and how things have changed over the years.
It also appeals to a niche audience because of its authentic views and attitudes from the 1960s. A lot of enigma codes are put in to place however because it is more of a niche audience you are having to work out the answers to the questions yourself which can leave it very open and can be interpreted in lots of different ways. Parallel editing is also used which makes you thinks that 2 different scenes are happening at the same time. There is also no non diegetic sound as which makes it seem more realistic as there is no added effects on the TV program. The way the men talk about the jaguar pitch 'curves, you can have the jaguar' ' if it weren't pretty or temperamental' it is as though they are talking about the women and belittling them as if they are an object.

"If they weren't out of our reach, beyond our control, would we love them like we do?" - Don Draper
This was an epic episode with a thoroughly disquieting tone. It is sometimes said that none of the characters in Mad Men are likeable. Such thoughts were borne out spectacularly in this hour. The weight of obnoxiousness falls exclusively on male shoulders too. If every plot event this week wasn't set off by a misogynistic act, then you could have fooled me. This was an epic episode with a thoroughly disquieting tone. It is sometimes said that none of the characters in Mad Men are likeable. Such thoughts were borne out spectacularly in this hour. The weight of obnoxiousness falls exclusively on male shoulders too. If every plot event this week wasn't set off by a misogynistic act, then you could have fooled me.
Cutting the pitch (I love it when they take us along on pitches) with the scenes of Joan’s reluctant hotel room transaction made things nicely unambiguous. “Built like a B52”, Joan (and later, Megan during a theatre audition that seemed more peep show than anything else) was coveted as a possession. She was the hot red, the out-of-reach prize, the head-turner, anything but a person with thoughts and feelings. Her mother raised Joan to be admired, she told Don last week, but objectified is the word.
The orange couch - 'all women are given 2 options wife's or mistresses and view-ix or jaguar, these give men objects to use but all of the women don't want to be objects. This TV program does not have a formula.'
Don draper is the ruler but fails at it every time.
Basket of kisses - ' The Other Woman may be the most disturbing episode of Mad Men we’ve ever seen. We’ve seen bad things happen to characters we love, some of their own doing. ' Ginsberg’s line, “At last. Something beautiful you can truly OWN”, reflects Don’s life. He probably feels that he really truly “owns” nothing at the moment. He doesn’t “own” Megan who’s turning up to be less dependent on him than he imagined, he doesn’t “own” Peggy who’s leaving him, he doesn’t “own” Joan because he wasn’t able to dissuade her to spend the night with the guy, he doesn’t “own” the agency because the partners decide against his will.'
I can’t tell the difference between something that’s good and something that’s awful.
— Peggy Olson, The Suitcase


The chosen text is Lost, I feel that this relates very well with this text as it is aimed at various different audiences. With the TV programme Lost it is open to a wide range of audiences this allows them to reach a wider audience and have more people watch it. It is a mainstream text by the techniques which are used through out for example the programme is constantly telling you what is going on which makes it passive, you do not have to work out what is going on you are constantly being told this.
Also it uses enigma codes to question what is going on, when the bear is running towards them it does not show what the animal is which entices the audience in and makes you intrigued, also it uses non diegetic sound to build up the tension for the audience to understand that they should be scared and frightened. It is also using a camera shot where it is shaky and on a slight angle this makes it seem a lot more realistic and like a hand held camera.
When the bear begins to get really close the Man shoots the bear this gives him a sense of authority and strength which is the stereotypical view point of men, this could mean that men feel as though they can relate to the man because he is the one who is in charge and they like to feel they have some kind of power. When looking at the man it uses a low angle shot to show that he is over powering and is taking more authority. Also the women begin to run away and scream which could show they need to be protected and they don't have much power this may make women feel as though they can relate which is also another stereo typical view point. It uses a high angle shot on the women to show how they could be manipulated and that others can over power them.
Also with their being an English person it can relate to different people from all over the world as it also include chinese people and their cultures and religious aspects which they have to abide by. This means that more people can relate to the programme.