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The villain - is the man who forces James to try and shoot the shot glass on top of the girls head as it is wrong and he knows that james is not able to shoot as well as he could after his accident.
The hero - is James Bond this is because he feels he is not able to shoot this girl as she is innocent and has not done anything wrong and he knows his shot isn't as good as it was so he misses by a mile so that he doesn't have to shoot her. However he is not able to save the girl but he mages to kill the helper and you can see that he is heroic through the non digetic sounds.
The helper - is the other man who is holding james at gun point so that if he turns the gun against the villain he can easily shoot James
The Princess - is the women who has been tied up and shot as she has not done anything wrong but has been killed for being innocent.

The genre of Skyfall is an action film you can tell this as there is a lot going on at once, for example there are lots of men in suites which makes them seem very important and formal, they then tie an innocent women up and hold her at gun point, when the gun is pulled out they use a close up of the gun to show that it has some importance. The setting of this clip is on top of a building which shows they like risking their lives. The music which is played in the background builds up tension and makes you wonder if you will shoot her, then when he kills the helper the music plays shows that he is heroic as it is more up beat music.

Todorov -

At the being the equilibrium is normal and James is living his normal life.

Then non - equilibrium happens as he is then captured and made to shoot a girl which he does not want to do.

In the clip we do not see the ending so we don't no if the equilibrium is then restored.

Casino Royale

Propp -

Hero - the hero in this is James Bond as he manages to save the girl from being killed and kills the other man, you can see that he protects her and looks after her.
Princess - Is the women who is nearly killed as she is being protected by James however you can hear through the non digetic sounds that she is very sad and lonely.
Vilain- this is the man which is trying to kill James and the princess you can tell this as the non digetic sounds show that the action is very fast and tense.

The genre of Casino Royale is action because there is a lot of non digetic sounds which creates build up and tension as you don't no what is going to happen, also the camera angles are very short and sharp to make it seem that a lot going on and very quickly. The setting this clipped is played in is a corridor which makes it seem a lot less formal and the lighting is low key which makes it seem very dark and mysterious. It also shows a close up of smashed glass which indicates someone is hurt.

Todorov -

At the beginning it shows the non equilibrium as james is having to fight for his life and this is not a normal day to day life.
It then reaches the restoration as everything goes back to normal.

Sleepy Hollow

Propp -

Villain- Is the women who cut the girls hair and was trying to kill their young girl, you are able to tell this as they use a low angle shot to show that she is looking down at the girl and is overpowering her as she is bigger and more important. There are also non diegetic sounds when she is talking showing that she is scary and building up tension.
Princess - This is the girl who has been woken and is innocent yo can tell this by the costumes she is wearing and the high angle shot shows that she is lonely and innocent.
Hero - is the older man who manages to get the girl and boy out of the building and set fire to everything below them.
Hero's helper - The other younger boy tries to save the young girl to start with however he is not strong enough and is unsuccesful.

Genre - this is a horror, you are able to identify this as there is a lot of low key lighting which is a stereotypical viewpoint of a horror, also there is a lot of dark cloud and thunderstorms which builds up tension and scares the audience. They also use a tracking shot when the horses are running through the forrest this helps you feel involved in the scene and builds up a lot of tension as the non diegetic sound is being played of the horses running which makes the audience scared and nervous. It also shows that they are in a grave yard which is generally a very scary place for anyone to be. Also the villain is holding a skull which shows she is bad and not good and makes you ask questions to where the skull has come from.

Todorov -

Equilibrium - the young girl is just sleeping and nothing has happened just yet and she doesn't realise what is about to happen.
Non- equilibrium - she is then awoken by the witch and everything unravels to what is going on and she is then having to fight for her own life even though she is innocent as hasn't done anything wrong.

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