Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Fish tank

Social realism:
issues and themes-
  • Prostitution
  • Abortion
  • Homosexuality
  • Alienation
  • Relationship problems
Fish tank -
It is set in a very run down flat which shows that it is very realistic and not just a set which has been put up. They use a lot of tracking shot this is to make you feel involved and to focus upon certain objects. Dancing in a an abandoned flat is very typical of this genre, it also uses a lot of natural lighting to make it realistic and you can see that it is diegetic sounds when she is dancing as it is echoing and very tinny. She also uses a lot of swear words which her young sister uses which suggest she has learnt from her mum. This film shows ways of how mulveys theory can be wrong as it uses a female gaze when the man takes his top and a male gaze when the man is watching her dance. In this film it also always shows it from the girls point of view until the man turn to look at her, which shows all her view points and actions. When the girl becomes in contact with the horse she gets very attached and wants to set the horse free this could signify her life as she is also trapped and unable to get anywhere. Her breathing is very closely focused on this is when she begins to go in to her fantasy world and everything slows down and begins in to slow motion. Also because it gets so intense and realistic it begins to make you feel uncomfortable. It also uses a lot of tracking shot which makes you feel more involved. It also uses a lot of pathetic fallacy to make the weather have an effect on your emotions. She is a very na├»ve young girl who feels she is amazing at dance when she isn't very good at all. The prop theory is used when she steals the young girl who is the princess to make the 'hero' in her eyes come and save her but who is really the villain. It has a very strong representation of women suggesting that they are sex objects and can be easily controlled. The horse is then shot as it was too od, and she begins to cry which is the first time in the whole film which shows her vulnerability also as the horse was 16 and the girl is only 15. She is brought up with some nasty habits like swearing and drinking she also vandalises the mans house by weeing on the floor which suggests she's like an animals. They also name there dog after alcohol. She finally gets away in a car which can suggest freedom that she has finally managed to escape.

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