Friday, 13 September 2013

First Paragraph

The representation of women and men through advertising and various theories are very stereotypical and very common, i will explore this. Through advertising, specifically perfume advertsiing women and men are represented as sex objects this is used so that it influences the opposite sex to buy these perfumes as they they feel that men or women will then be attracted to them because of how it is advertised, for example where the perfume is placed and the reation people have when you wear this perfume. In Tom Fords advertisement women are represnted in a very contoversial and objectified way, this is to help sell the product to their target audience which is men and women. In Guccis advertisment it is very different as they are using glamour to get across to thei audience. I will be using different theories such as Laura Mulverys theory 'male gaxe' and objectification of women and their stereo typical gender roles; i will also be looking at the hypodermic needle.

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