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How typical are your 3 main texts of their genre?

All of my 3 main texts show typical conventions of their genres and all define what genre they are showing however some have more genres then others.
Sin City is one text which I studied, it is a hybrid text as it has connotations from film noir, comic book and some horror genres. It is also a poster modern text which uses typical genre conventions. It contains a cynical protagonist who is Hartigan and Marv these are shown through different conventions which are rain soaked streets, low key lighting and a voice over narrative. A very typical cynical protagonist convention is shown through Marv 'Hell is waking up every goddam day and not knowing why your here' in a voice over which shows he despises himself. This also shows typical noir genre connotations with the character portrayal and the thoughts that are conveyed. This all stems from paranoia which in all noir films from 1940s is shown in the view of society in the wake of world was II of the possibility of a 'new cold war'.
Some conventions of the 'cold war' paranoia is Hartigan and how he was shot in the back by his 'buddy' bob, this shows corruption and anxiety which is present in classic films such as 'Double Indemnity' and 'Maletese Falcon'. Also Hartigans heroic actions and desire to save nancy the corrupt senators son shows that he wants to stop evil.
The mise en scene used though out sin city relates directly to its genre with Hartigans trench coat which is typical of film noir and comic book conventions of a 'caped - super hero' making the film hybrid.
Also propps theory is involved with the cape as it represents super hero as it is constantly blowing in the wind. However when marv goes to kill or hurt anyone he removes his trench coat showing he is carrying out good deed, his character is a lot more complex, more of an anti - hero which is another typical noir convention.
All noir films contain 'femme-fatales' and sin city contains many. Each male character has contact with one girl which is said to resemble this character. Hartigan with nancy, Marv with wendy, Dwight with shelly and Gail.
Wendy and Shelly are typical femme fatale. Nancy is an innocent young girl displaying how the genre can be made differently for a post modern audience.

District 9 is another hybrid genre which has conventions from sci-fi and documentary. The different sci-fi conventions used are advanced technology, aliens, robots and spaceships. All of these events are known as real. The use of 'faux' stock footage of news reports and interviews with experts and civilians make it seem more realistic. Also with the use of hand held camera reinforces this with its typical cinematic techniques of a documentary.
In the opening scenes we see interviews with various 'experts' witnesses giving us clear exposition to the events which have led up to the alien landings. This is important in developing a realistic documentary approach to the narrative, this is something which may seem new to typical sci-fi conventions of other films such as 'The fly' and 'Invasion of the body snatchers'.
Interation between wikus and the camera man shows that he is unable to remove his microphone and is playful in mixing realistic and fictional elements of the film. This is something not typical of the sci-fi genre but shows how genres repeat conventions and make them different by mixing styles.

However Fish Tank is not a hybrid text it is just a social realist genre. It has kitchen sink styles which relates to well establish generic techniques and themes. It revolves around social topics like family dysfunction and under age sex. It also uses hand held camera which is viewed as gritty and realistic in terms of its representation of British social life.
The mise en scene created is shown in the opening scene of a working class council estate this is very typical of it genre. This indicates its a social realist genre through mia shouting 'Tell your old man I think hes a c*nt' this shows its a working class upbringing.
It also uses long takes, hand held cameras and diegetic sounds of urban background of walking through the estate which is seen as stylistic conventions of the social realist genre. She is also walking very fast throughout the film which shows someone who is going nowhere fast.
This relates to 'Saturday night and Sunday morning' and 'A taste of honey' as it shows similar social issues and similar techniques. However they use more non - diegetic sound to support action and emotional context to appeal to a more mainstream audience. It shows how genre develops over time as all genres do. But 'Fish Tank' it pushed the genre to new depths by trying more realistic representations of social situations.
The narrative issue of 15 year old Mias desire for a sexual relationship with Connor, her mother boyfriend, can be seen as a controversial topic in todays society to spark debate. A regular consequence of generic conventions of social realism.
In conclusion all 3 texts are typical of their genre, using many classic conventions of their genre. In some cases these might be mixed genres to develop a wider audience and create different modern audiences.

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