Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Explore the genre conventions in your 3 main texts?

Al of my 3 main texts show typical conventions and all define what genre they are showing however some are more hybrid then others.
Sin City is one text that I have studied, it is a hybrid text as it has connotations of film noir, comic book and some horror genres.
In the scene where Hartigan is going to save Nancy and he is in the car driving it uses low key lighting and has a voice over which is portraying his thoughts also he is in a very old fashioned 1950s car, these are very typical conventions of the film noir. When Hartigan gets out of the car and meets Bob it shows he is wearing a trench coat which helps build the mise en scene, also it uses the theory prop as it shows comic book conventions of how his coat floats in the wind as if he has a cape and is a super hero, this shows that he is a hero. However also the trench coat shows typical connotations of film noir.
Some conventions of the 'cold war' paranoia is through hartigan when Bob shoots him in the back, this shows corruption and mistrust this shows hartigan is a cynical protagonist this shows typical conventions of film noir. These are also represented in the classic films 'Double indemnity' and 'The Maltese Falcon' both of these films show original noir connotations through the use of venetian blinds, low key lighting, femme fatale and their quick talk which is more like mumbling.
Femme Fatale is also another typical film noir connotation their are many different character which fit this role such a Wendy/Goldie, shelly and Gail. However the one who fits this role perfectly is Nancy who is an exotic dancer she lingers in the background in every chapter her seductive lasso tying sin city in knots. For example the scene when Hartigan finally gets out of prison and is looking for Nancy her hair is blowing in the wind which makes it very erotic and like he is living in a fantasy, she is also swinging a lasso around which makes her seem very seductive.The camera follows her body as if it is tracing it to get a males perspective of her. She looks at Hartigan with lust and power.

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