Thursday, 20 June 2013

Sex in advertising

Tom Ford

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the sexually provocative ads heralding Tom Ford's fragrance for men. More provocative is the website flash presentation of the fragrance bottle strategically placed around a women's breasts and groin (there's as much buzz about the model's shaved pubic region).

The approach is not surprising given Ford's history with designer brands. He was creative director for Gucci and YSL. During his very successful tenure at both brands, he reinvigorated them with cutting-edge sexually featuring nudity and pornographic themes that include female same-sex images (lesbian chic).

Given the sexually-laden promotions he's chosen to run in the past, Ford's current campaign does accurately represnt the brand's essence: If the fragrance carries his name, it's about sex.

A study several years ago found that about half of all fragrances were positioned with sex. True, fragrance can play a role in the attraction formula, but fragrance is unique in that it really has little meaning aside from the images it is associated with. In this case, Tom Ford is fairly certain that money will be made with his current campaign. He would know.

Tom Ford’s latest cologne ad might be considered a little crude, but the sexy advertising technique is certainly proving effective. The commercial is getting a lot of attention for the provacative image of a woman grabbing her unnaturally round, full breasts with her manicured hands, pressing them. In Tom Ford’s risque new campaign, just like his last ad, (see below) a very nude woman is featured wearing nothing but the product. This time, instead of being placed between her cleavage, it was placed between her legs.
“The company, reacting to the predominance of erotic products which makes a person more attractive to another, has bottled the smell of sex (in the form of a “beguiling vaginal scent”) and is selling it as a fragrance for men to wear seemingly to bring them pleasure in the absence of the real thing,” AdRants said.


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